Hydroponic system GREEN SHOWCASE

Hydroponic system GREEN SHOWCASE
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СЕЕМ СЕМЕНА - Каталог наших товаров смотрите здесь! Brand: СЕЕМ СЕМЕНА - Каталог наших товаров смотрите здесь!
79,000 руб.


Designed specifically for shops!

Automatic farm GREEN SHOWCASE is suitable for growing microgreens, baby leaves and salads in shops, fitness clubs, offices, homes and apartments.

There is an opportunity at any time to remove 1 or 2 pallets for growing to create a showcase of goods under the TM SEEM SEMENA.
Branding of the farm in the corporate style of your store is possible.
Irrigation system with a hydraulic tank, a pump, a timer and a system for uniform distribution of nutrient solution over 3 floors.
3 pallets with flooding and drainage control system. Size: 420x550mm board height: 50mm.
Phyto-lamps 5 pcs, 12 watts.

Farm dimensions:
Width: 650
Depth: 440
Height: 1670

As a gift a set for growing!


Harvest fresh, delicious microgreens in your store every 5-7 days!


79,000 руб.

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